Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Top 10 Concerts of 2009

Down to the last list for the year. Top concerts of the year that I attended. It's difficult to rank these because some of the more recent shows are fresh in my mind while others in the beginning are stale. Be sure to post your top choices as well.

10) Bad Veins - Garfield Artworks - 8/7/09 - Good, fun show to a few patrons. They played a blistering set with a pounding drum beat and a old reel to reel tape machine that provided the pace of each song. Nice guys.

9) Blind Pilot - Club Cafe - 4/1/09 - Really enjoyed this show plus local act The Slant. They just recently came back to Club Cafe a month ago but I wasn't able to make it. Sure they did well.

8) Metric - Mr Smalls - 11/24/09 - Every time I have seen them play they put on a entertaining performance. This was no exception as Emily Haines strutted her stuff conducting sing-a-longs with the crowd.

7) Fanfarlo - Brillobox - 12/12/09 - Just saw this show so it's fresh in the mind. Good crowd with a great set by this 6 piece. Checkout some of the video to see what I am talking about.

6)Cursive - Diesel - 5/5/09 Cursive is one of those bands that is a can't miss when it comes to a show.They never disappoint, playing the hits that the fans want to hear even though they are touring on a new album.

5) Mr Gnome - 7/17/09 - Bloomfield Bridge Tavern - Sometimes I feel like a pimp trying to get others to see a band I totally dig. I guess that is what you do when you blog. This duo made my top 10 album and now show list. I hope they play in Pgh soon. They put on a fantastic show with their skill and charisma. Plus, they are 2 of the nicest peeps you will want to meet.

4) Old Canes - Brillobox - 10/23/09 - I don't know what I was expecting, but this one caught me by surprise. I had listened to the album for about a month and still love it. It sounded even better live. Some technical issues in the beginning quickly smoothed out. One of the better sounding shows in a while.

3)Frightened Rabbit - CMU - 1/26/09 - This was in the beginning of the year and I still recall what a great show it was. Props to CMU for bringing them in.

2) Girl Talk - 7/31/09 - Amphitheater at Station Square - I remember debating whether to go see Jason Lytle (dug Grandaddy in the day) and Neko Case at Sandcastle or seeing an all-star Pittsburgh show. What was I even debating? A party atmosphere like none that I have seen. To all those that saw Neko instead, sorry, you really missed out.

1) AA Bondy + Holly Miranda - Club Cafe - 6/9/09 - It's funny when you go to a show not knowing what to expect or anything about the opening act and the show simply blows you away. This was that show for me. Holly Miranda opened and had the best voice I have heard in quite sometime. Plus, the music was pretty darn good too. The show was under attended (maybe 25?) but every table there bought her ep after the set. Then AA Bondy came out and played a set that just blew the doors off of the whole venue. He didn't mail it in because of the crowd size, but played to an attentive, appreciative audience. Definitely someone to see live.