Sunday, December 13, 2009

Live Review - Fanfarlo - Pittsburgh - Brllobox - 12/12/09 - Show Review - Concert Review

Fanfarlo played at the Brillobox last night to a capacity crowd. They put on one of the more enjoyable shows I have seen at the Brillo with regards to both sound and audience. In my previous preview I had mentioned that they sounded like Beirut, but throw in a little David Byrne in there as well.

The set started out with just lead singer Simon Balthazar and member Cathy Lewis singing "Drowning Men" to the crowd with a little percussion in the background. A very good start before bringing on the rest of the band (a 6 piece) to kick things up a notch with "I'm a Pilot". Throughout the set the ensemble utilized varying instruments including trumpet, violin, clarinet and mandolin just to name a few. It provides quite a wall of sound to the audience who was very appreciative and enthusiastic.

The set hit a high point for me in the middle when the band played their single "The Walls are Coming Down". Five members of the band made their way to the front of the stage and began singing the first lines of the song in unison (ala Arcade Fire) before launching into their hit. Have to say after watching it again, it gives me a little pause. The band had mentioned that a member (Justin) was having a birthday soon. At the stroke of midnight a rendition of "Happy Birthday" was begun by Hugh (from Hughshows) that was soon sung by the rest of the crowd.

By the end of the night the Fanfarlo appeared to have cast a spell over the crowd. They were dancing and singing with Fanfarlo having a great time, probably with the help of some libations. On the encore the band handed out several large "twirling whistles" to help out with the sound. Members whirled the large plastic devices over their heads while handing them around to finalize a memorable evening and good show at the Brillo.

Set List:

Drowing Men
I'm a Pilot
Finish Line
Harlod T Wilkins
The Walls are Coming Down

**Thanks to Hugh for the pic.


  1. I was there! Great show. Great videos.

  2. I was there too, standing just right of the edge of your videos. I remember toward the end of one of the songs (not sure which, maybe Walls), Simon turned in our direction and had this huge grin :D. Definitely an awesome show.

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