Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Concert Review - Arctic Monkeys - Mr Smalls - 12/7/09 - Show Review

Arctic Monkeys played to a sold out show Monday night at Mr Smalls. There was a very diverse crowd in attendance from pre-teen adolescents with parents in tow to the over 40 crowd (without the kids). First up was Screaming Females by way of New Jersey. The best thing I can say about them is they were young and could actually "Scream(ing)" pretty well. I couldn't figure out the other "Female" part, but then it was decided the androgenous lead singer was actually a girl who had no real crowd interaction. They didn't do much for me although they have received praise from Dinosaur Jr and Jack White. Go figure.

Arctic Monkeys were up next and brought the crowd into a racaous frenzy. With each song the crowd became more and more intense with a mixture of dancing and fist pumping near the stage. Arctic Monkeys were very good drawing the crowd in from their first tune while providing a proper dose of banter between songs. They made it known this was their first visit to Pittsburgh and really were enjoying it (I remember Eddie Vedder saying the opposite once during a show here).

I have seen these guys once before a few years back at the Coachella Festival in California. I felt they were a bit more energetic and crowd pleasing then, but this was a totally different environment than they probably experience. Of course, the crowd was definitely into it enjoying the setting and interaction with the band, so what do I know. The crowd cheered with hands raised above their heads for each song loving every moment. They are a young band that should be touring for quite some time.

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