Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Show Preview - Bang Bang Eche Eche - Thunderbird Cafe - 11/12/09 - Pittsburgh

Bang Bang Eche Eche will be playing the Thunderbird Cafe next Thursday, 11/12 at 8p. They come by way of New Zealand and have been touring the states in conjunction with their recent appearance at CMJ. The quartet of young 20 somethings play high dance energy most comparably to !!! (chick,chick, chick). They are known for their entertaining shows getting the crowd involved and putting on a high energy performance while maintaining a great sense of professionalism.

"Dirt in the Water"

Bang Bang Eche Eche recorded the new album over a span of three months in their hometown of Christchurch after two tours around the globe. This new ep entitled Sonic Death Cunttt shows the band maturing from their previous endeavor raising the bar for their danceable beats. The band uses synthesisers with fuzzed out guitars to create their signature sound. The vocals are a bit distorted but you can feel the full power and energy coming through as the sound spills out.

"Fist Full of Dollars"

They will be playing a fun, high energy early show next Thursday at Thunderbird. Be sure to check them out before they fly back to New Zealand.

"Beat Up the Children"