Sunday, November 15, 2009

Generationals - Con Law - Album Review - Garfield Artworks

A couple of weeks ago I was listening to 91.3 and heard a couple of songs I liked so I checked them out online. One band had a good song, but the rest of their album didn't do much for me. The other I really enjoyed. Just so happened the next week they were opening for someone at Garfield Artworks. I decided to check them out.

"When They Fight, They Fight"

The band's name is Generationals and their debut album is entitled Con Law. Its a duo act from one of my favorite cities, New Orleans. Its a nice slice of pop with sing along choruses throughout. Has a bit of a Belle and Sebastian (lyrically) plus some Motown tones. I have had it on rotation for the last week. Everyone who I have given a ride to (surprisingly) really digs it, and we aren't talking the most savvy music snobs. Here are some tracks off their album if you are interested.

"Exterior Street Day"

"Nobody Could Change Your mind"


  1. How was the show? I wanted to go, but there was a Harlan Twins show that I didn't wanna miss....
    Why is everything on the same night?

  2. It was pretty good. My only gripe was they were sandwiched in between 2 other acts; I would have like to have seen a full set. They didn't have a female lead vocal either (as they do on some of their songs).Hopefully they will come around again.

    Thanks for bringing them to my attention. Really enjoy the album.

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