Friday, November 27, 2009

Concert Review - Metric - Mr Smalls - 11/24/09 - Show Review

As we approached Mr Smalls there were about 20 people milling about the bottom of the stairwell. Turns out these individuals waited too long to purchase tickets as the show was sold out. We were hit up for any extras we might have but that was a no go. I have seen Metric a few times before (Coachella and Mr Smalls) and had an enjoyable experience each time. This was no exception.

Lead singer Emily Haines is not only one of the most attractive leads in indie rock but also possesses a confident personality. As the band appeared on stage she was the constant focal point for the audience performing a mesmerizing set. Metric is a part: dance, rock and pop that can bring a crowded audience into a rhythmic, head nodding experience which is what happened this evening. Several times the audience were clapping in rhythm with their arms above their heads to the beat. Haines danced about the stage while leading the crowd in sing alongs to their new excellent album Fantasies.

Haines and company delivered a solid set before coming out with an acoustic finale. The only thing I wish is that Haines would have addressed the crowd more often. She only did so twice and each time the crowd responded enthusiastically. Metric came out with just an acoustic guitar and Haines on vocals completing their set with a crowd sing along on "Combat Baby". Metric put on a fun, entertaining show that anyone would enjoy.


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