Saturday, November 28, 2009

Albums of the Decade - The 2000's Edition (Part 1)

I have seen a lot of lists lately concerning the top albums of the decade. I pretty much agree with the ones I see and don't feel it necessary to duplicate them here. So, instead I am going to name albums I feel are under the radar. For the record, the albums that I can listen to over and over again without wanting me to stop are records I consider noteworthy.

Grandaddy - The Sophtware Slump (2000)

Coming out in 2000 this album changed how I envisioned indie 'atmosphere' music being created. It took on the modern tech world and showcased the electronic side of indie bands for me.

The Delgados - Hate (2002)

Hailing from Scotland, this band started their own label (Chemikal Underground Records) and began putting out their version of indie pop symphonic music. The duel lead singers plus entire string section sucked me in. Their previous album, The Great Eastern, gets all the hype being nominated for a Mercury Music Prize. But for me, this was their first album I heard and I feel is better than The Great Eastern. It also helps that they put on probably the best sounding concert I have witnessed down in Orlando.

Pedro the Lion - Control (2002)

I always felt David Bazan got a bad rap because of his secular upbringing. Pitchfork made constant religious jokes whenever reviewing his albums or posting news articles about him. For me this is when I felt he and his band peaked. His lyrics are always dark and pessimistic and on this album were down right bleak to the point he will no longer perform "Rapture". (This is how we multiply/Pity that its not my wife). Definitely a singer/songwriter I have always enjoyed.

Cursive - Domestica (2000)

Another band I feel doesn't get their due simply because of the emo label that is placed on them. For me the album is raw and angst telling the story of Tim Kasher's (lead) dissolving marriage. Tim is a pretty good lyricist that doesn't get his due. A close friend of Conor Oberst who he collaborates on songs with.

Enon - Beliveo (2000)

I first saw these guys opening for Dismemberment Plan way back in the day. They totally blew everyone in the audience away. I remember going to get their album after the set, but of course they were sold out. This was the first Enon album that made Pitchork's best of top ten list for that year. Experimental synth with undertones of indie pop. Couldn't beat it. Plus, at the time, this was a full fledged band that probably had all the necessary parts to make one very good album.

I will post another addition later this week.


  1. That Grandaddy record should be on every end-on-decade list. Great choice.

    Ed Masley