Friday, October 9, 2009

Show Review - The Lovely Feathers - Rural Alberta Advantage - Garfield Artworks - 10/6/09 - Pittsburgh - Concert Review

The Lovely Feathers once again brought their manic charisma to the stage at Garfield Artworks. As mentioned previously TLF put on one of the more enjoyable shows I had seen since moving to Pgh (especially at GA). This particular show didn't match the level of entertainment of the last time but it was still an enjoyable experience. There was a good crowd on hand to watch TLF plus Rural Alberta Advantage (both by way of Canada). The crowd was a bit standoffish with TLF positioned towards the back instead of upfront. I notice this happens a majority of the time I am at GA which is fine because its not a huge stage and it allows others to see the band without standing on chairs or tiptoes. Most of the bands will implore you to move closer, as TLF did, but honestly its best for everyone to stand in various spots to allow everyone to see.

TLF started off with a few tunes off their new album Fantasy of the Lot which sounded good but not great with the the acoustics that evening. One of TLF's gifts is they are a bunch of funny dudes that like to ham it up a bit. I believe they began to win over the audience with some of their stage banter which I wish they had done more of. Highlight for me is when they played their single "Lowiza" while putting a couple of different kabashes onto the tune. These guys are pretty tight but there was something missing from their last visit here...I am not sure what it was...maybe the crowd not being closer...but it was still a show I thoroughly enjoyed. If anyone likes the old Unicorns, Islands, etc. that have quirky lyrics over some pop gem melodies.

Rural Alberta Advantage came on next hailing from Toronto. I hadn't listened to these guys much since I was there primarily to see TLF. But judging from the crowd a majority were there to see this 3 piece. They get compared to Neutral Milk Hotel a lot and I guess that is a good thing. The leads voice definitely had that Jeff Magnum feel, but not to the point where I would even think of NMH. They play songs with serious lyrics...the lead singer telling the audience that "Frank, AB" is about a deadly landslide in Alberta back in 1903. These guys sounded great and held the audience's attention (they even moved up to the stage).


  1. Nice to finally meet you, man. Spot on review. I liked the Feathers but that weird audience position threw them off methinks. I don't know what was going there. By the time we stepped up to RAA we were TOO close. I have pics of Amy's chin veins for crying out loud!

  2. I attended this show to see the RAA, but came away with an immense appreciation for the Lovely Feathers. They put on a fantastic show and I was very impressed with their songwriting and on-stage presence. Up to that night, I'd not heard of TLF. You can bet I've listened to them nearly every day since!

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