Friday, October 16, 2009

Old Canes - Show Preview - Feral Harmonic - Album Review - Brillobox - 10/23/09 - Ticket Giveaway

Old Canes will be performing at the Brillobox on 10/23. Below is a preview plus album review. Make sure to enter for a free pair of tickets to the show by simply emailing me with your name. All entries must be received by Wed, 10/21.

Old Canes is a side project by lead Chris Cristi of The Appleseed Cast. His new album, Feral Harmonic, will come out Tuesday 10/20 on Saddle Creek Records. It's his second album under the moniker, the last being in 2004. This is a major departure from the post rock sounds of The Appleseed Cast. The project is a more acoustic, lo-fi product. It includes a folk and traditional sound that merges with a boisterous intensity that can be found through the album.

"Little Bird Courage"

Feral Harmonic proceeds how prior album Early Morning Hymns began, with a instrumental intro beginning slowly before taking it up a notch with chimes and an intense guitar, then bringing it back down to a minimal sound. "Little Bird Courage" is the next track that reveals how the rest of the album will play out. There is an upbeat rhythm with a hard strumming acoustic guitar. The track also includes central horns with a recording process that is stripped down without the big budget sound. The lyrics talk about the protective ability of someone close: When I'm thirsty/ You are the fountain/In the face of danger/I am not afraid.


"Trust" is another song that begins out slowly with a rhythmic drum beat and slow plucking acoustic guitar. The lyrics are darker than the rest of the album: Little one be careful/ There are people out there who steal your soul. "Flower Faces" begins with a down trotted guitar rhythm and a bit of gloomy feel. Organs (or something similar) drive the song with a melancholy hum over lyrics that sound despondent: Until your flowers faces up/the light is shining down on you. The song talking about a loss of some sort with a bit of regret.

"Flower Faces"

Listening to the album you get a sense of an old time thrift store experience with instruments and recording material picked up at various locations. I believe that is what gives the album its signature voice and texture. It's a very tight, focused album that really brings in a wonderful wall of sound.

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