Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Concert Review - Silversun Pickups - Pittsburgh - Ches-A-Rena - 10/24/09 - Show Review (Part 2)

In my previous review of this show (w/Cage the Elephant) I mentioned that Ches-A-Rena wasn't going to be around for much longer. Someone asked what I was speaking about. Here is the article in which this is stated. In summary the city board turned down the promoters to house a liquor license there. The funny part was at the show they were still serving beer along with pizza. You paid $20 which gave you a all you can eat and drink (bud or bud light) pass; a pretty darn good deal. Not sure how that gets 'around' serving alcohol, but this state is known for some weird liquor laws.

Silversun Pickups followed CTE with a pretty lively, rocking set. I had seen these guys almost 4 years ago(?) when they played on Coachella's main stage in the early afternoon. They have definitely become even tighter since then with a look and feel of confidence that oozes from their stage presence. Lead Brian Aubert has a swagger that lead the rest of the band through a ferocious set along with a bit of over the top banter. They started everything off right by a few tunes from their new lp "Swoon". They mixed it up a bit with a spattering of songs off their previous albums.

Come to find out SSPU fans are a dedicated bunch. There was a guy near the stage that waved his one finger up in the air to each and every song like a conductor. Brian pointed it out to the rest of the crowd during a break between songs even mocking the fan a bit, but he kept on trucking conducting the band while singing every lyric throughout the show. Another fan had the title album "Swoon" tattooed on their body which was also brought to the attention of the crowd by Brian. He even offered her laser surgery in a few years.

It was very good show from top to bottom in a setting that unfortunately will disappear from the Pittsburgh landscape. Enjoy it while you can.


  1. the beer was free, you paid for the all you can eat buffet and complimentary beer