Sunday, October 25, 2009

Concert Review - Old Canes - Brillobox - 10/23/09 - Show Review

Old Canes played to a packed house Friday night at the Brillo and put on one of the best shows I have seen there (and this year). There were a lot of Chris Chrisci fans in attendance wanting to see what his new endeavor was about. He and his band did not disappoint. The band was a 5 piece that used assorted instruments to deliver a lush sound portraying his home recordings. The band members were multi tasking using trumpets, cello, melodica, accordion along with the traditional guitar and drums. The arrangements created layers of sound that began the show off with the instrumental intro that begins the new lp Feral Harmonic. As soon as the song ended, they quickly jumped into the single "Little Bird Courage" (just like the album) with band members laying down the sound with the cello and trumpet thumping. The vocals were barely audible and halfway through the song Chris stopped the band after he clearly forgot the lyrics and failed to recover. On the second time around the band nailed it with the sound man adjusting so the crowd could hear.

The set was tight and Chris was a charismatic lead without too much banter. The crowd was very appreciative after each song clapping and hollering for more. This was definitely the best sounding show I have seen at Brillo and a majority of that is credited to the chemistry within the band itself.

As the band finished its set the crowd was imploring them for more. However, Chris had to explain to the crowd that the drummer had just joined the band 4 days ago (something happened to the previous one) and he didn't know anymore songs. The band wanted to oblige the crowd but unfortunately it just wasn't possible. The Old Canes band definitely matches the intensity and production of their new album Feral Harmonic. Definitely a show well worth attending and matching a superb new lp.


  1. loved the show. soundman tried his hardest to ruin the first few numbers though. also, for a fill-in drummer, he was spot-on, assertively driving the band (although a little heavy on the kick drum)

  2. agreed. sound man was killing me at first (not to mention the usual Brillo background chatter I always whine about). But stil enjoyed it.

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