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Chris Crisci - Old Canes - Interview - Show Preview - Brillobox - 10/23/09

Below is an interview with Chris Crisci of Old Canes (& The Appleseed Cast). He will be performing at the Brillobox this Friday, 10/23. Be sure to enter for a pair of tickets to the show by simply emailing me (link) with your name. Also, check out an album review and show preview here.

I read this was supposed to be more of an individual project for output. What made you decide to create a full fledged live act out of it and sign to Saddle Creek Records?

Originally they were just songs I'd play around the house. This is years ago, like 1998 and 1999, when I first moved to Lawrence. Friends encouraged me to record them. As I did the recordings, I couldn't help myself, I layered the songs with other instruments, and had friends play drums or trumpet or whatever, and it developed into what it is now.

Appleseed Cast and Old Canes are two very diverse ventures. Do these relate at all?

I don't intend for them to relate, or not relate. I don't really think of their relationship to each other. The way I view them is how they make me feel, and what I enjoy when I play the music. With Old Canes I enjoy the driving beats, and energy. With Appleseed Cast I enjoy the layers of sound, the subtle ghost harmonics that you get when two different noises play against each other, and the more intricate arrangements.

What type of equipment did you use to record these albums?

I have an 8 track 1/2 in tape machine which I tracked the entire first record on. I only used it a couple times during tracking of the new record, because it's down to two functional tracks and even those aren't sounding great. It need to be re-lapped and looked at, and right now I don't have the money to do it. So the majority of the record was recorded using good old Pro Tools, and a Korg D3200 for drum takes, or anything that I needed to record using more than two inputs. Nothing fancy, but they capture sound, so I'm happy.

What made you decide to produce these albums yourself?

I had a very specific vision for how I wanted these albums to turn out. I knew how to get it. I have the equipment necessary. It's easier to do it myself for free, than to pay someone else and have to explain.

Was just reading your twitter account. Do you do most of your booking? Management duties?

If you're a booking agent reading this, and you're interested in booking us, please get a hold of me. It's not one of my talents, but yes, I am shouldering some of that responsibility right now. I have a couple friends helping me out with shows here and there. I really hate doing it.

Is there a theme behind your new album? Or are these songs that should’t be grouped together?

When I look at the songs now, I see a theme. I wasn't trying to create an overall theme, but I guess when you write lyrics during one period of your life, certain ideas will keep coming up. I guess in my mind, what has preoccupied my thoughts lately, is that life is too short for pettiness and fear.

Is this your first national tour? Have you been to Pittsburgh before?

We did a few very small tours when Early Morning Hymns came out. We played Pittsburgh back then. I think there were five people there at that show. It was cold. I think we slept at the venue. It was actually a great tour in it's own little way. Just not in the way that includes good turn-outs or money.

Has the current state of the economy affected any plans you had for your band from travel or recording? To marketing?

Not yet. Touring has been good the last couple years. It seems like record sales are dropping across the board, but live shows have been better than ever. I think it's Internet Piracy Remorse. It's not having a good job at home that is killing me.

What has been your favorite place to play when on tour?

It changes. Some towns are great for a few years and then things drop off, other places are awful, and then one tour, it just turns around. Chicago is always good. Austin is always good. Other than that, my favorite place to play is wherever there's fun.

What are you listening to while on the road? Anything on repeat?

We only listen Old Canes in the van. We don't even listen to the opening bands at the shows. We don't want to sully our ears.

Anything you would like to say to Pittsburgh?

We actually do listen to the opening bands, and lately in the van we've been listening to the new Drakkar Sauna album 20009. (Pronounced Two Thousand Thousand Nine)

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