Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Show Announcement - Wild Light - Club Cafe - 9/22/09 - Opening for Bell X1 - Album Review - Show Preview

Wild Light will be coming to Club Cafe next Tuesday, 9/22 at 8p. They will be opening for Bell X1, part of a 91.3 WYEP sponsored event. Below is a brief album review with some track previews for your listening pleasure.

Wild Light is a quartet from New Hampshire that features a previous member of the Arcade Fire. Their first lp, Adult Nights, came out on StarTime International which kick started the careers of the Walkmen and French Kicks. They play what would be described as standard upbeat indie pop with some electro synthesizers throughout. The album is full of hooks and layered vocal harmonies, giving the band a classic sound.

'California On My Mind'

In the opening track “California On My Mind” the band apparently would like to see the state sink into the Pacific. With lyrics “Fuck today/Fuck San Francisco/Fuck California” over a cheery melody and stomping beat. It really starts the album with the unexpected, merry harmonies over destructive lyrics. The song “Hear Attack” is another track that is memorable with a more folk sound and overlaying synthesizer without the cynical lines. “Call Home” is a piano ballad that brings a slower tempo and repetitive hook. There isn’t a bad song on the album which range in tempo throughout the lp along with several vocal changeups.

'Hear Attack'

The band reminds me a bit of the Jayhawks with gruff vocals through rosy fueled guitars and that 70's pop/rock vibe. Its an upbeat record throughout that makes you want to grab a drink on a hot summer night, sit out on the porch and watch the sunset. Pop bliss.

'My Father Was A Horse'