Sunday, September 13, 2009

Concert Review - AA Bondy - 9/12/09 - Brillobox - Show Review

Last night's show started off with the feel of something special. When AA Bondy and his band began their first song of the night the crowd fell deftly silent while the slow build up began. AA Bondy jumped on the mic after a 45 second instrumental and began singing. It just simply blew the room away. Before, when we have seen Bondy, he has always played by himself with a simple acoustic guitar and harmonica. This night, however, he had a 3 piece group who played varying instruments depending on the song. Bondy proved he could perform with a powerful dynamic electric sound just as well as he does with a stripped down acoustic. Bondy sung with a aching, soulful heart and won the crowd over immediately. After his first song my little group looked at each other and said "whoa" in simple amazement and appreciation.

Bondy began playing a set full of his new songs off his excellent new release, When the Devil's Loose. However, just as things started off in the right direction, there was also a turn for the worse. After 5 songs it became clear that some members of the audience were there just to socialize having no issue talking loudly over his set. You could tell Bondy was getting a little frustrated, however, he maintained his professionalism and delivered a strong performance. Bondy's new album requires a hush stillness when listening and especially when playing in concert. Between songs people began to talk and then the conversations continued even with other audience members "shhh.." for silence. When Bondy felt the chatter was overshadowing the music he quickly strummed a bit louder and sung a bit higher not letting the distraction turn the show into a mess for those who came to see him.

If AA Bondy comes through your town, make sure to check him out. It would be a mistake if you didn't. He puts a lot into each performance (that I have seen him) with a laid back demeanor while putting out a great vibe. He definitely isn't someone to miss. Bondy, now traveling with a band, stretches the bounds of his old solo self and gives the audience something to remember for a while.

I usually try not to get negative on this blog but I want to say something. If you go to a show and you aren't there to to see the main act (or you were dragged there) have enough respect for the artist and other audience members to shut the f-up during a set. If you can't, go outside or downstairs to the other bar especially when it comes to the Brillobox as appears to happen every time I am there.