Thursday, September 10, 2009

AA Bondy Show Preview - When the Devil's Loose - Album Review - Brillobox 9/12/09

AA Bondy will be playing at the Brillobox this Saturday at 10p in support of his new album. Below is brief album review. Please see previous concert reviews at Club Cafe and Mr Smalls as he puts on a fantastic live show.

When the Devil's Loose is AA Bondy's second album on Fat Possum Records that just came out on 9/1. The album continues down the same folk-rock path of his previous endeavor (American Hearts)but with some subtle differences. There is still the same stripped down feel, however, the album incorporates more of a full backing band providing new layers to his music. Throughout the record you hear delicate drum beats, subtle electric guitar and piano without it ever overpowering Bondy's signature crooning and folk sound.

"A Slow Parade"

Lyrically, his previous album treaded on spiritual tones and this can be heard with his first song "A Slow Parade" talking about the apocalypse down the road with "cremated ashes" singing, "With your saints on a chain/waiting on another rain. And I'm going down/Where the waves will surround. Sometimes I don't mind at all/With Head against the Wall". The song includes a plodding electric guitar and light drum beats over gloomy content. It has such a haunting melody that just brings the listener into a different state of mind.

"Oh The Vampyre"

"Oh the Vampyre" sounds more like a fantasy story until you get to the end. "With a vampire’s kiss/I’ve got a vampire’s heart/now I don’t roll out of bed ’til after dark". But then brings in a bit of mystery wondering if Bondy is speaking about himself "You see it ain't my fault/that I am this way". There are several tracks that appear to tell a narrative while relaying personal experience but in a guarded context.

The album is definitely in my top 10 for this year. You hear over and over emotional lyrics with a minimal sound that makes you nod your head think about the future. An outstanding sophomore effort and a lp that has been in my player ever since I received it.