Sunday, August 9, 2009

Show Announcement - Show Review Girl Talk and They Might Be Giants

I was surfing around today and found a couple of news items I found interesting. One, They Might Be Giants will be playing their entire album Flood at Mr. Smalls on 10/16. Loved this album back in the day; remember playing it all the time. Glad to see they are touring on it as it really set the stage for them and their (somewhat) mainstream success.

The other news item was Scott Mervis articles on last Friday's Girl Talk show stating it was the "Show of the Decade" in Pittsburgh. Quite a statement from someone who has been covering shows in our area for some time.


  1. Mervis didn't say it was the show of the decade, he said it was representative of Pittsburgh music in the 2000s. Great show, though.

  2. if there were a few other bands there (Shade/Meeting of Important People/Dirty Faces/Subtereaians (sp)/etc) then it would've been the All-Star-PGH show. as it stood, it was WAAAAY better than a lot of "big" shows I've seen recently, and that says something!