Saturday, August 1, 2009

Girl Talk + Pittsburgh Bands - Amphitheater at Saton Square - 7/31/09 - Show Review - Concert Review

I am sure a majority of you were at the Girl Talk show last night so I don't need to tell you it was a great time. As soon as the sun went down it was party time central with a majority of the crowd being under the age of 14 (or it sure seemed that way).

We were interested in some of the other bands beginning with Don Caballero. I was really into their math rock in the late 90's and have always wanted to see them (although there is only 1 original member). It was still hot and these guys were definitely showing their age and fitness. They were having a difficult time staying hydrated with drummer Damon Che needing a wet towel over his head. It got to the point where Che told his boys 'last song' with still enough time for playing two. I did enjoy them even with the heat and shortened set.

Grand Buffet was up next. Most of the people I know either hate or love them. I tend to love these guys. I think they are hilarious and put on an entertaining show. They played really well to the teenage crowd which included ripping up a giant stuffed dog while dry humping it (you had to be there). They ended up handing out 30 cd's which will hopefully bring them some new, young fans.

Donora was up next and played the usual solid set which included a friend who worked a hoola hoop like I had never seen before. They sounded like they need a little more volume times I could barely hear them. Next up was Modey Lemon who played a rocking set. Then came on recently dropped (by Warner) Wiz Khalifa which the young crowd enjoyed. He played a set that seemed to stop and then start every other song not realizing his time limit (Opus One guy kept talking to his dj who tried to get Wiz's attention without much success). Every song he implored the crowd to put their hands in the air. Then he finally played his single that I guess Warner didn't like and personally I could hear why. Not much in tune for radio play.

Girl Talk was on last and just kicked the outdoor amphitheater into a party scene that I have never seen before. Close second would be the Flaming Lips (and that is just a different scene altogether). Here are some videos.