Wednesday, August 26, 2009

David Bazan - Pittsburgh - House Shows - 9/5 & 9/6 - Show Announcement

I always enjoyed Pedro the Lion starting way back with the Whole ep in 1997hitting their peak with Control lp. I know the secular lyrics and religious zealots at his shows always rubbed some of my friends the wrong way. It never bothered me...chances are pretty strong if you are raised in a strict religious home you are going to be pretty religious when you grown up, just like if you are raised a Mormon you probably will wear that special underwear for the rest of your days.

Since dropping the PTL moniker I have seen David Bazan a couple of times at Club Cafe and Garfield Artworks. Its a different experience without a backing band but he still brings a strong, charismatic rapport with his audience (he conducts Q&A throughout the show). There is a great article about him in the Chicago Reader regarding his recent atheist/agnostic beliefs and how he was hitting the bottle a bit too much (even getting lit at Cornerstone).

I received an email this morning that he will be performing 2 house shows in Pittsburgh on 9/5 & 9/6. One is at 8p (Sat) and the other at 1p (Sun). Limited seating is offered as each show will only have 30 tickets available. It's a different business model for someone of his modest success. But when you are charging $20 a head, I guess it pays for itself. If you are interested go here: There aren't too many left for Saturday's gig.


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