Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bad Veins Interview - Show Preview - Garfield Artworks 8/7/09 - PIttsburgh

Drummer Sebastien Schultz of Bad Veins was nice enough to give an interview for their upcoming show at Garfield Artworks this Friday night. Please check out the preview here (or below). They are touring with Now, Now Every Children. Below are some music samples as well.

You are both from the Cincinnati area. Do you still reside there and how is the music scene? Is it supportive?

We both do still live in Cincinnati. We travel so much now that I’m not sure if it really matters where we live. We’ve been all over the country this past year…but coming back to Cincinnati is always nice. It’s Bad Veins Headquarters for the time being (BVHQ as we call it. Actually, we don’t really call it that, but maybe we’ll start).

You have two members...has there always been two or have you ever thought of adding another?

Well, Bad Veins originally started as just Ben. However, I was added to the mix shortly thereafter. We do have Irene…so she’s our “third” member, if you will. She’s pretty easy going, though, and doesn’t really need to get paid, per se. But no, there are no plans to add another member. For now, you’ll have to just get used to dealing with the two of us. Sorry.

This is your first official LP. Is there a theme behind it? Or are these songs that shouldn’t be grouped together?

Well, I hope you think these songs should be grouped together…because we certainly do. The running theme? I think people can take what they want from it, but Ben and I definitely identify with the same anxieties everyone deals with.

Has the current state of the economy affected any plans you had for your band from travel or recording? To marketing?

Not particularly…at least not directly. Of course, there is an affect on everyone as far as overall prices are concerned, but we have to tour…so we tour. We had to record the album…so we recorded it. If anything, perhaps we realized that flying can sometimes be cheaper than driving to certain shows.

Is this your first national tour? Have you been to Pittsburgh before?

I suppose so. We went on the road with Eulogies for a week this past spring. That took us from NYC to Denver…over about a week’s time. This tour will be a bit longer, but it includes Toronto…which I’m excited about.
We’ve stayed in Pittsburgh before, but never played in Pittsburgh…looking forward to it. Don’t disappoint us, Pittsburgh!!!

What has been your favorite place to play when on tour?

Hmmm…let me think. We’ve played a lot of great venues. Webster Hall in NYC is a very beautiful and old venue. Union Hall in NYC is also a pretty cool place to hang out…they have a very cozy upstairs with fireplaces and indoor Bocce Ball.

I read an article on how difficult it was to get signed even though you were very buzz worthy for a good period of time. What was the final straw to get signed, especially with a more reputable label as Dangerbird?

Everything just clicked at the right time. I think that completing the album on our own and being able to deliver them a finished product definitely helped. At the same time, they had to be in position where they wanted to sign another band. All of the buzz, while it had been building for quite some time, didn’t have as much to do with it as Dangerbird feeling that we had a strong album that they really wanted to get behind.

Were you both able to quit your day jobs?

Thankfully, yes. To be honest, though, we don’t really have much time to have day jobs anymore…just full time Bad Veins—we conspire at BVHQ.

What are you listening to while on the road? Anything on repeat?

Everything from the new Doves to Lily Allen to M83. I think I’ll probably pick up the new album from We Were Promised Jetpacks before we leave for this tour. We played with them down in Austin for SXSW…they were one of the few bands that really stood out to me.

Anything you would like to say to Pittsburgh?

Hmm…let me think: Who Dey? Oh snap…that just happened.

Falling Tide

Gold and Warm

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