Thursday, July 30, 2009

Show Announcement - Bad Veins + Now, Now Every Children - Garfield Artworks - Friday, 8/7/09 - Pittsburgh

A great double bill will be playing at Garfield Artworks next Friday, 8/7 which will include both Bad Veins and Now, Now Every Children. This will be happening after the Unblurred Art Crawl (haven't figured out exactly what this is). Below is a brief preview of each album along with a video. Next week I will (hopefully) be posting a couple of interviews plus some more samples of their tunes. Try to give a listenand see if you like. These are 2 young, upstart groups that should be around for a while.

Bad Veins is a duo hailing from Cincinnati who are on Dangerbird Records (Silversun Pickups, Eulogies, The Dears) and just came out with their first self titled lp in July. The album is a multi layered affair with distorted vocals that pounce through. There is your usual drum plus guitar, but the sound is much stronger than your typical two piece. They get compared to Franz Ferndinand and Pulp which you can hear, but doesn't really represent them entirely. "Found" starts the album off with clarinets and trombones mixed in with the drums and guitar. Its a slower tune than what you find on the rest of the album. "Gold and Warm" is Bad Veins song that grabs you from the get go with a few hooks. The album continues down this same path with a theme of storytelling about life's experiences and encounters.

Now, Now Every Children began as a duo also but expanded to a full fledged touring band. They are based out of Minneapolis, MN and are on Afternoon Records. The duo met in a high school marching band and began recording soon afterwards. They play the indie pop rock variety and have opened for the like Mates of State. They are touring on their first album Cars that can be considered an album with a theme behind it. The album has a very polished sound and admirable song writing from a band that is so young. "Not One, But Two" begins things off with a slow build up to a smashing cymbal crash that surprises the listener jolting them into a head nodding experience. The album mixes this on most of the tracks. "Friends With My Sister" begins with minimal strumming guitar and quiet vocals before ripping into a quick drum flurry with a pouncing guitar rhythm. This is a admirable freshman album for an upcoming band that should only get better as time goes on.