Thursday, July 16, 2009

Reminder Mr Gnome @ Bloomfield Bridge Tavern Friday 7/17

Just a reminder that Mr Gnome is playing tonight at the Bloomfield Bridge Tavern. Someone mentioned to me I should also name the other 2 bands which are Dawn Canon and The Broken Arms (both are from Pgh). Doors are at 9 and show starts at 10p with Mr Gnome playing second. Seriously, if you attend mention the blog and I will buy you a beer.

Read a great interview here (or below)

Here is another song for your listening pleasure off "Deliver This Creature" entitled 'Rabbit'

"I'm Alright" is off their last lp

"Truffle Shuffle" off their "Echoes on the Ground" ep

Here is an award wining video for "Night of the Crickets"

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