Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mr Gnome Interview - Preview - Bloomfield Bridge Tavern 7/17/09

As mentioned previously, Mr Gnome will be performing at Bloomfield Bridge Tavern Friday night. Doors are at 9p and show begins at 10p (they will be second band up). Mr Gnome was kind enough to give us an interview and as you can read, they have a great sense of humor.

Are you both originally from Cleveland? Do you still reside there?

Yes, we are. Yes, we do.

Your first full length album just came out in 2008 (Deliver This Creature) and I just read on your blog that you recorded the follow-up already. When do you expect that to come out? Will it be on El Marko Records again?

We recorded the follow-up to Deliver This Creature in April at Pink Duck Studios (Josh Homme's studio - lead singer of Queens of the Stone Age). As of right now, our plans are to release the new album in late October. Yes, we will be releasing the record through El Marko Records.

On Deliver this Creature there is a nice mixture of soft to violent songs. Is this a theme that will also be on the new album?

I don't know if we necessarily ever write with a theme in mind, but that tends to happen naturally when we write a batch of songs together. To us, the new material is an extension of where Deliver This Creature left off.

Has the current state of the economy affected any plans you had for your band from travel or recording? To marketing?

No, we've pretty much always been poor and continue to be poor. We're good at it. We are from Cleveland!

I have seen a lot of comparisons of your music from Portishead to Tool. With previous bands you were in did you have this same sound?

Mr. Gnome was actually the first "real" band that both Sam and I were in, as far as actually playing out and releasing albums. Previous to the Gnome, I did a bunch of solo stuff on a four-track that never saw the light of day and Sam was busy in the Adult Film Industry. When we started mr. Gnome, it was just a natural process and this is what came out of those intoxicated sessions.

You have two members...has there always been two or have you ever thought of adding another?

It's always been just the two of us, although we've had guests come up on stage and play a song or two with us. Sure, we've definitely thought about adding more members...not necessarily in the writing process though, just more as live players. Or maybe recruiting people to do a live sex show on stage...something like that maybe...

I saw your video "Night of the Crickets" just recently won 2 Telly Awards. Did you all rcv any money?

Yes, we were very excited about the Telly's! The Telly Awards don't actually give out any money...just some sweet ass statues, maybe we can sell the statues for some cash?

What has been your favorite place to play when on tour?
We're big fans of the pacific northwest...that's probably our favorite at the moment...

Do you create your own artwork for your albums and shirts? Really like it.

Thank you kindly. Yes, we do almost all of our own artwork, video production, and album production between the two of us. But we have had some very great friends do a few designs for us. Our flying Gnome T-shirt was designed by the wonderful artists at Go Media, and our 7" single jacket was illustrated by Alex Alvarez.

Final question from a burgher, how bad does it suck to live in Cleveland?

This should explain everything:

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