Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Interview with AA Bondy - Preview Mr Smalls 7/12 with Conor Oberst

Sunday, AA Bondy will open for Conor Oberst at Mr Smalls. Below is an interview...make to sure to catch him especially if you are already attending.

1) The last time you were here I overheard a fan stating that they played your song as the opening to their wedding ceremony...is that weird to hear?

A bit.

2) Your new album comes out on 9/1, The Devil's Loose. How does it differ from American Hearts?

It's um, well, I think that, pretty much, see, when I. . .back then, when the. . and then she. . .right?

3) Is there any themes to the new material?


4) What was your favorite touring experience, what other bands did you really enjoy spending time or playing with while on the road?

The Jesus Lizard was fun, I can have fun with pretty much anyone.

5) How is touring by yourself compare to opening for someone? How has the audience reacted?

People are different everywhere you go. People are the same everywhere you go.

6) Will you continue to tour in September in support of the new album? How long have you been touring now?

Why yes, I believe I will have some more cake. This is really good cake. Is it a family recipe?

7) How did the last tour with Holly Miranda go? Any interesting stories?

As their parole officer, I really can't talk to you about those kids.

8) Do you enjoy living in New York compared to Alabama? Do you miss any of the southern comforts of home?

I'm in Alabama right now. I have a speak and spell that has a provincial drawl. A New York speak and spell will say "bed", an Alabama speak and spell says "bay-yed" right?

9) Is any of your new songs collaborations or do you create/write on your own?

I train my own animals.

10) What has been the biggest challenge as a singer/songwriter compared to being in a band?

i. got. no. one. else. to . blame.

11) How are you trying to promote your band now and going forward? How has the internet affected the distribution of your music and accessibility to fans?

Inter what? I don't know what this is, and I don't see what it has to do with staying cool in the summer.