Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Concert Review - Camera Obscura + Anni Rossi - Mr Smalls 6/30 Show Review

Just got back from my 2 week vacation and read my last post on NIN/JA...I really shouldn't type when I am inebriated. That is pretty horrible stuff. Anyway, I have been stoked to see Camera Obscura ever since they were announced for Mr Smalls. We were able to see the opener Anni Rossi who is signed to 4AD. I hadn't listened to her beforehand so I had no idea what to expect. But when she came out on stage with jorts on plus them being rolled up to mid-thigh I was thinking "this isn't going to be good" (I really need to start bringing my camera). Thankfully I was wrong. It was only her on stage accompanied by her violin and some type of kick bass sound she was using. She picked and played the violin while busting out sweet melodies using no loops nor samples to bolster the sound. The music was soft and melodic and her voice was very distinguishable. The half empty room seemed to be really enjoying her enthusiastically clapping after each tune. The only downside was that after her first few songs people began talking over the music which was pretty annoying.

Camera Obscura came out afterwards and were dressed up for the occasion. I have never seen them live but they have a great aesthetic to go along with their music. They sounded great filling up the old church and sounding tight. They were on their last show in North America and appeared to a bit tired and run down. There was no real energy nor showmanship to their set...although they did talk a bit during songs which you really couldn't understand because of the Scottish accents.

All in all I enjoyed the show but it wasn't one that blew me away. I did pick up Anni Rossi's new cd and am looking forward to hearing her recorded.