Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Album Review - The Lovely Feathers - Fantasy of the Lot

One of my favorites shows since being in pgh was in November 2006 when The Lovely Feathers graced the stage at Garfield Artworks. I am one of those types that always checks out who is coming into town that month, listen to a couple of tunes and see if I like what I hear. These guys were one of the bands I was glad I caught...their performance for about 15 people was uncanny and their album matched their frantic mesmerising charisma. Hind Hind Legs was their last album and one that stayed in my player continuously for almost 3 months.

I thought the Lovely Feathers might be done. I followed their blog hoping they would come out with a new album but it appeared that they might have run their course after a couple of members left. They often got compared to the band Islands/Unicorns which could be a crutch for them since they are from Montreal as well. After a couple of years and a new label, everything has come together. They are back with their new lp Fantasy of the Lot.

This isn't the schizo pop of the last lp, HHL. This is a more evolved endeavor that shows what surely should come out after HHL. Their single "Lowiza" is a very good indication of the album and their progression. Its a more subdued affair with a slow beginning before blowing up towards the chorus. The track details the sex life that has basically died between a married couple (video can be seen below). A good majority of the songs off the album are in the opposite direction...keeping a low key route with stripped down instruments and lyrics instead of the maniacal pace that they displayed before. "Agrotaker" is another tune that stands out with a eastern influence and balanced sound. It has some hooks and melodies that keep the listener's foot tapping. "Long Walks" is probably the only track that reminds me of the last album, although not enough to think that it shouldn't be included.

All in all I really enjoy the new record and growth of this band. Its a more relaxed feel and shows them not sticking to any one formula. I hope they make it back to Pittsburgh because they put on superb show that isn't to miss.