Thursday, July 2, 2009

2009 Best Concerts 1st Half of Year

Now that we have officialy reached the halfway point this year, I want to name my top shows thus far. Please feel free to add yours in the comments section as well.

4) Blind Pilot + The Slant Club Cafe 4/1 - Great show and a surprising out of nowhere opener that set the pace.

3) Cursive - Diesel 5/5 - Hard rocking band put out all the hits and didn't disappoint.

2) Frightened Rabbit - CMU 1/26 - Props to CMU who brought in a band that normally skips over the burgh.

1) AA Bondy + Holly Miranda Club Cafe 6/9 - Stellar Hugh mentioned he is opening for Conor Oberst at Mr Smalls in a couple of weeks


  1. In no order:
    Camera Obscura
    MOIP CD release show
    The Broken West opening for A.C. Newman
    Eugene Chadbourne

  2. I'd have to put the Cursive/Man Man show at the top of the list in this lackluster first half Pgh concert series. Yeasayer and the round robin of dan deacon, no age, and deerhunter should turn things around.

  3. Frightened Rabbit

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