Monday, June 1, 2009

Preview - Show Announcement - AA Bondy - Club Cafe - 6.9.09

Next Tuesday at Club Cafe AA Bondy is playing an early show beginning at 8p. He is a fantastic singer/songwriter supporting his album 'American Hearts'. Another national act, Holly Miranda, will be the opener. Below is a brief preview of AA Bondy and the album with some mp3's to check out.

AA Bondy was in a band named Verbena from my southern roots, Birmingham, Alabama (although I have never heard of them). They were said to be the next coming of Nirvana (mainly because Dave Grohl produced their first record) in the late 90’s. Things never came to fruition for the band, so AA Bondy struck out on his own performing under his given name.

"There's a Reason"

Bondy’s first release, “American Hearts”, was re-released on Fat Possum Records (Andrew Bird, in 2008. The album has a very sparse indie folk sound that is both enchanting and mesmerizing given the right setting. It’s mostly an acoustic record that was recorded in a converted barn in the Catskills of New York. This adds to the production sound with a bleaker atmospheric feel. Bondy’s voice is often gruff and husky that adds another layer to the instrumentation on the record. There is an underlying theme of despair and spirituality throughout the album. On the title track, ‘American Hearts’ lyrics point to peace stating: “If your God makes war/ then he’s no God I know/ cause Christ would not send boys to die”

"American Hearts"

Bondy has been getting a lot of good press from the larger media outlets: Pitchfork, Stereogum, Spin, etc. plus getting amazing show reviews. Should be a great show in an intimate setting.

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