Sunday, June 14, 2009

Nine Inch Nails NIN + Jane's Addiction Post-Gazette-Pavilion Show Review Concert Review

NIN and Jane's Addiction. The late 80's early 90's alive again. First, I used to really dig NIN along with every other angst teenager. And I really dug JA...especially their self titled album. But there came a time in my life with both bands just seized to exist, especially after NIN didn't surface with another album after 5 years and JA became a wannabe corporation.

This show was played out at Post-Gazette Pavilion, probably the worst place for any type of traffic control (with only one entrance exit). NIN went on first and played a crowd pleasing set to fans who probably didn't realize they were opening for JA. A lot of people were still out in the parking lot barbequing and drinking with many of the seats still open when NIN first came on. Slowly, but surely, a surge developed and the crowd showed up roaring and fist pumping and lyrics copying. Trent Reznor, with his massive biceps (can we please start questioning whether rock stars use PED's, Reznor, Eddie Vedder, Brett Michaels,

nin played a lively set and didn't stop even though we were still an hour away from dusk. Trent wanted the crowd to know he appreciated the support and hope to see us down the road. Evidently he is giving the NIN moniker to pursue other music numbers.

JA came out and out with a 9 minute diddy of their own. I really loved JA back in the day, and if the choice became NIN v. JA I would probaly say JA even with Perry FArrell and Dave Navarro became such tools. But these 2 were more than I could take...with their obvious facelifts and shirtless tats to show to all, it became clear that these 2 were just concerned about themselves and not who they were playing to.

Thankfully, I left 30 minutes before JA could ruin my past regard for them.

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