Monday, June 8, 2009

Great Music + Sports Night in Pgh Tuesday, 6/9/09

Tomorrow night is a tough choice for music and sports fans in the burgh. There are 3 good shows that are well worth seeing on their own. First you have a free show with Apostle of Hustle + Donora at the 3 Rivers Arts Festival. Then over at the Warhol John Vanderslice is kicking it at 8p. And, as mentioned here before, AA Bondy at Club Cafe. Finally you have the Pens trying to push the series to 7 games. Sometimes you wish all of these wouldn't fall on the same date, but it happens.

You could make it double bill and catch Apostle of Hustle at 7p then hop over to Club Cafe or the Warhol. But my choice is AA Bondy. With respect to other happenings, this up and coming artist is just better than what is going on elsewhere (and the Pens will push it to 7). Check out my preview here: Bondy Club Cafe


  1. Honestly, I would seriously consider the Vanderslice show on the sheer fact that the Tallest Man on Earth (one of my favorite singer/songwriter dudes) is opening. Incredible guitar work, Dylan-esque vocals (in a good way), fantastic melodies. I might even be able to hook you up with two free tickets since I'm going to the Pens game and I can't find any one to take them.

  2. I have seen JV a few times and really enjoy him...not at all familiar with TMOE. I will check him out. The Bondy show was amazing. The opener Holly Miranda was of the best female vocals I have heard in ages (wasn't familiar with her). I will be writing a review later.