Thursday, June 11, 2009

Concert Review - AA Bondy & Holly Miranda - Club Cafe - 6/9/09 - Show Review

Seriously...fantastic show. I don't say that too often. If you missed the show Tuesday night (and judging by the crowd size a majority did) you simply missed out on one of the top 5 shows for me ytd.

Holly Miranda (by ways of Tenn. and now NYC)was the opener...I had listened to a couple of her myspace songs before going to the show and my reaction was just, "eh". However, she surprised everyone in attendance with her vocals and stage presence. She has one of the best vocals I have heard in quite some time. My companion compared her to Chan Marshall (Cat Power) and I can definitely see that, but maybe with Fiest as well. She sounded 100x better live than on record (or myspace in this case). Her backing band consisted of another 2 members who played guitar, keyboards and violin although Holly played by herself on several of her songs. She was having a lot of fun with it even asking the audience if it was ok if she played something goofy. I wish she had played for about 15 minutes more; after the show I saw every table pickup a copy of her new ep.

AA Bondy was next up and just killed. I thought maybe because there wasn't a huge crowd he might just blow through the set, but he showed why he has a reputation as a stellar live performer. He had no backing band besides his sets of harmonicas and a couple of guitars. Bondy is a very intense performer with a husky, booming voice that easily fills the room esp. at Club Cafe. He played a fantastic set of folk/rock with a majority of the material off his new record due out on Sept. 1 "When the Devil's Loose" (Fat Possum Records). The crowd was very attentive hanging each song before exploding into applause upon completion. Of course I forgot to bring my camera once again or I would have recorded a little snippet. After the show I went to say hi and overheard a newlywed stating that the first song they played at her wedding was one of his. I was wondering how often he hears that.

The only downside for me was a buzzing noise coming at times during both performances. I have experienced this a few times at Club Cafe...I am not sure if its the equipment or the sound man. Just wish it wouldn't happen. If either comes back around make sure to catch them.


  1. I just found out that AA Bondy will be back as one of the openers for Conor Oberst at Smalls.

  2. Holly Miranda blows my mind.

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