Sunday, May 10, 2009

Upcoming Shows - Summer 2009

There are several upcoming shows that are of interest. I just wanted to touch on each one and maybe why you should attend or give a listen.

5/11 - TV on the Radio - Mr Smalls - Sold out show at $28 (+surcharges)a ticket with a no name opener. Not bad.

5/18 - Helio Sequence - Diesel - This one really surprised me that they are playing at Diesel. I doubt many people really know them and it should be an under attended show (of course I could be wrong). Its a duo act. I read an article about 1.5 years ago (believe Magnet) that the drummer was offered a full time gig with Modest Mouse after he was the temporary drummer for a bit. He chose to go back to HS and the interviewer that was following them said he might have been having regrets because they were playing to less than 50 people a night.

5/23 - Enon - Smiling Moose - I really like Enon and feel they deserve more attention. Their first new album was even *Best New Music* by P4k. Never been to the Moose before. I have good concert footage of them I taped back in the day that I will upload later.

5/31 - Jeffrey Lewis - Club Cafe - Went to British Sea Power at Mr Smalls and this guy opened. He was about the best thing at the show. Never had heard of him, but he writes parody songs and is hysterical. I have an album where he does cover of the anarchist punk band Crass that is just awesome. I really would like to see a good attendance; its an early show at CC but I doubt many will show.

6/5 - Black Keys - Point State Park - For me these guys are the best thing at the Arts Fest. I am not a huge fan, but do want to see a show at the new park.

6/6 - White Rabbits - Brillo - I have seen these guys 2x as openers and haven't been impressed but people keep telling me I'm dense. Maybe the 3rd time will be the charm.

6/9 - John Vanderslice - Warhol - Saw him at the Warhol last year. Great show. Check out Scotts review: Vanderslice at the Warhol

6/9 - Apostle of Hustle - PSP - Saw these guys were added to the 3 Rivers Festival. They are part of Broken Social Scene. Haven't listened to them in a while.

6/13 - Dean and Britta - Warhol - Former Luna members.

6/28 - Old 97's - Hartwood - Free show at a great location.

6/30 - Camera Obscura - Mr Smalls - Scottish pop.

7/15 - Magnolia Electric Co. - Warhol - P4k always hyped this guy up. Never could get into him.

7/17 - Mr Gnome - Bloomfield Tavern - Love this duo. Wrote about them before here:
Gnome Show

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