Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Live Show Review- Coachella Sunday, Cont.

Finally I am getting around to finishing this Coachella review (3 weeks later)! I forgot to mention a bit during Yeah Yeah Yeahs where we looked over and Amanda Palmer was like 5 people away from us. I wanted to go say hi but my friend didnt want to bother her. I totally think we should have.

Anyways, as we waited for My Bloody Valentine we could hear Devendra Banhart off in the distance. Now, I really dont have any interest in him or his psych hippie folk stuff, but I overheard him introducing Har Mar Superstar to join him onstage. What a weird combo! I once saw Har Mar open up for The Strokes and he was singing his bizarre R&B slow jams in his tighty whities as angry hipsters threw beer cans and lit cigarettes at him. Ha ha, that was a good time though.

As everyone entered the festival, there were earplugs given out courtesy of My Bloody Valentine. I've heard people saying how loud they are live and it is totally true. I cant imagine having been up close for that, we were really far back. Now, I really want to like MBV. I know I should like them. But I kinda dont. I dont dislike them at all, but it just sounds like...... noise. There I said it. Here's a little snippet of the sensory overload that was going on.

Next I really wanted to see The Kills. Maybe I was a little bitter at The Cure for Vegas, but I was willing to miss about 20 minutes of their set to watch The Kills. Plus, I was sure the Cure would go on late as usual. So we went to the packed Mojave tent and got some pretty sweet 2nd row spots, although right in front of all the speakers. There were definitely some stragglers that had escaped out of the Sahara tent to attend this performance, but they were quickly put in their place. VV and Hotel came out and ripped through a lot of songs off their excellent latest album 'Midnight Boom'. They were exactly as you would expect, clad fashionably in black with no shortage of attitude. VV was terribly cool smoking, spitting, looking harrowed and pacing about the stage. The two of them play very well off eachother, especially showcased during 'Last Day of Magic' where they set their mics toward eachother and kind of seductively performed together. It was pretty great but I knew i must go on to see my favorites now.

We got to the mainstage about 20 minutes after The Cure were scheduled to go on and surprise they still hadn't begun. I dont recall how much later, but I started hearing the waves and all was forgiven. They came out, Rob decked in a black hoodie with a fur collar that was a bit ridiculous, and started off with 'Underneath the Stars' (awesome), then 'Prayers For Rain' (awesome), then 'A Strange Day'....... wait, is this the exact same set as Vegas?! It basically was, aside from the inclusion of 'Wrong Number' which was surprisingly very fun. Simon rocked out the bass at the end of 'A Forest', just like always (um, except vegas). The entire set was full of energy and everyone was having a blast. The vocals on my favorite 'Disintegration' could have been livelier, but I wont complain. You can check a snip out here:

Sometime during the encore Rob said something like, "They said we could only play one more". But I'm pretty sure they played more than that. Around 12:30, during 'Boys Dont Cry' the festival pulled the plug. I dont even think the band realized for a while. All the screens were turned off as were the amps, but they kept playing. I am getting chills thinking of how special and awesome it was to hear 10's of thousands of people singing every word. No power? It still didnt stop them, they played 'Jumping Someone Elses Train' and everyone in the audience was still singing their faces off. Then they started to play 'Grinding Halt' and i think every other plug that could be pulled was. But we still had gotten almost 3 hrs worth of performance. What an amazing performance and ending to Coachella.

Interesting to note, I saw a pic of RS hand from Vegas and one from Coachella. His right hand was totally swollen about 3x its size for Coachella, I am amazed that he could even play at all! Also, the town of Indio is a bit ridiculous. They have this strict 12:00 music curfew (which was exceeded by 40 min. by the cure), and they fine something like $1,000 per minute, just let them keep playing and you will make a ton of money! Nothing goes on in this town in the middle of nowhere the other 50 or so weeks of the year.

But anyways, as always, Coachella was amazing this year. I will spend the next 11 1/2 months planning and dreaming for the next time. I cant wait to get back to the desert!