Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Live Concert Show Review- Cursive - 5/5/09 - Diesel

Last night Cursive played to a capacity crowd at Diesel. There were two openers, the first was a solo guy with a comedy routine. He wasn't that funny. The other opener was Man Man, who brought their 5 piece band of gypsies all the way from Philadelphia. I've never seen so much stuff fit on stage before, it looked like a garage sale. Their performance was full of energy, a very lively show. The music has a circus feel to it with the multitiude of keyboards and various eclectic sounds like water being poured into a metal bowl and a pin being dropped into a cup. Overall, they were a pretty good opening act.

Oh Cursive, a chance for me to let out my inner angst ridden 16 year old self. They came out and immediately pumped up the crowd with 'Butcher Song' and i knew we were in for a good night. They played a ton of goodies from fan favorite albums 'Domestica' and 'Ugly Organ' to a packed house and mini mosh pit down below. Tim K. always pours his heart into the performances. Aside from some banter with a crowd member, Tim kept the rambling to a surprising minimum. If you saw their last show at Mr. Small's you might remember his ramblings, although he did tell us that he thinks Pittsburgh is beautiful which I remember him saying then as well.

The new songs off of 'Mama, I'm Swollen' came off pretty amazing. A highlight for me was when he ascended the club stairs and gave a heartwrenching performance of 'What Have I Done'. For the encore Tim surprised everyone and got into the crowd to sing the last 2 songs. I thought some people were going to get crushed down there, including him. But he belted through while waves of the crowd were pushing if back and forth singing into the mic with him. It was a great scene that was not to miss; they ended with 'Big Bang' which seemed pretty fitting.