Friday, May 1, 2009

Eulogies - Here Anonymous Album Review (Eulogies w/ The Dears - Diesel 5/8/09)

As previously noted The Dears are playing at Diesel next Friday night which I will definitely be attending. One of the opening bands for the show is the Los Angeles based Eulogies who just this month came out with their second LP entitled Here Anonymous. They are based on the Dangerbird Records home of such bands as Silversun Pickups and Dappled Cities.

Here Anonymous is a record that is set in a melancholy mood but with upbeat tempos. It’s a very stripped down affair with no big, high production that really gives the listener a pleasant feel. It reminds me a little bit of The National with the fuzzed out sound and gloomy lyrics. The songwriting is consistently good throughout the disc with the melodies using the basic bass, drums and guitar to make genuine pop gems.

There are a couple of songs that make you want to get up and dance such as “The Fight” and “Dark Place”. These two songs bring up the pace with rhythmic drums and hook laden guitars. Other songs such as “How to be Alone” and “Bad Connection” bring in lush sound of while keeping the music at a slow steady pace. Lyrically the band keeps pace of bouts of loneliness and doubt. "Now I'm left with our hapless memories/Can't deny that you gave them all to me" sings lead Peter Walker.

Make no mistake, Eulogies “Here Anonymous” is a pop album with a dark seeded outlook. But like the National, it makes you want to tap your toes and listen along while crooning about the deep, dark despair of lives corners. It will keep you entranced waiting for the next track and then place it on repeat.