Thursday, May 14, 2009

Concert Review - TV on the Radio 5/11/09 - Mr Smalls + Mike Watt 5/10/09- Club Cafe

Since I wasn't able to make it to TVOTR (because I busted up my eye) we have a guest reviewer today who was there, plus the Mike Watt show at Club Cafe:

In short it was entertaining, but there were issues. I'm was still disappointed
that the Dirty Projectors were not the opening act, because of that I
showed up about 1/2 way through the Little Dragons set. They were not
bad, but they didn't really stand out for me.

I could tell that there might be some issues with the sound by the end of their set. The bass pounding down from the subwoofers in the ceiling was overpowering
everything else. It was very noticeable in the back behind the
barrier in the 21+ area. We promptly finished our beers and moved
closer to the stage. The sound was much better there, but the vocals
and guitars were still muted by the overpowering bass from above. The
performance on the other hand was very energetic, despite an
interruption from a few guys getting too roudy and getting singled out
by the band. They really new how to put together a good setlist, and
kept it exciting by switching between slower and fast songs. They
made a great finish with "Staring at the Sun". I'm glad I made it to
the show, but with the lack of the Dirty Projectors, the tickets were
a bit overpriced.

The night before I hit up the club cafe for Tobacco, Light, and Mike
Watt &His Missingmen. Tobacco came on first, he was accompanied by
another member of Black Moth Super Rainbow on a synth. As expected
there were very trippy visuals along with the set consisting of old
movie clips, richard simmons, and carebears. Both of the performers
were wearing monster masks throughout the show, and didn't really put
on a big performance. But as expected, the sound was great and I
really dig the album "Fucked Up Friends", so it was a good set.

They were followed by a Light, a Japanese band from Tokyo on their 3rd U.S.
show. Their songs were mostly lyric-less with heavily layered guitar
and bass melodies that slowly built up to a crashing conclusion at the
end of each song. Their set was definitely a great performance, and
they were very humble and thankful to Mike Watt for bringing them
along on the tour. Somehow, I don't see how either of the opening
acts were a good fit to be opening for Watt, but I liked the openers
more than the main act. Mike Watt seemed to be under the weather,
either drunk or tired. His set didn't really appeal to me. It was kind of unusual for me, as Mke Watt being the frontman was playing bass almost like a lead guitar. It felt to me that there were just too many people trying to play solo parts without
tying them together well. It was a pretty basic rock set otherwise. I
might have had a better appreciation for them if I was more familiar with his work as a member of the The Minutemen.