Sunday, May 24, 2009

Concert Review - Enon - Smiling Moose - 5/23/09

Last night's show was supposed to start at 9p but because everyone was watching the Pens it didn't get begin until after 10:15p. I was totally fine with this until the first band came on, Knot Feeder. They were an opening act that was under the delusion they were headlining and forgot they were playing with other groups. They were tolerable at first but just kept going on with what felt like the same instrumental piece for over 55 minutes, freaking Groundhog Day. They might have been interesting for 30 minutes, but just became an annoyance and pushed the night much later than it should have been.

Next up was Poison Arrows from Chicago who kept their set nice and tidy like an opening act does. They were decent but I kept yawning wanting Enon to get on with their set.

Finally Enon came on while most of the crowd had thinned out. Even though they went on much later than expected they played a hyper, energetic set that was worth the wait. They tried out a few new songs that sounded really good. John (lead) was on his game with his strange, bug eye antics which including jumping into the crowd for a couple of numbers. The new drummer was a great addition keeping a breakneck beat with the new tunes.

The show ended after 2a which was really unfortunate for the audience members who had to leave early...but Enon still puts on an admirable show.