Thursday, April 2, 2009

Say Hi - Show Review - Garfield Artworks - 3/31/09

I showed up to Garfields at 9:30p hoping to catch Telekinesis (based on my stupendous research of set times), Say Hi's tour mates. Unfortunately, Spindrift had yet to begin their set, so we were officially behind almost 30 minutes. At the time there were approximately 35 people in attendance.

Spindrift was billed as former members of Brian Jonestown Massacre which had just played the previous night at the Rex. I made a point to miss them because I really wasn't into what I was hearing on their myspace page...they played with an old swashbuckling movie in the background. I guess the movie was supposed to go with their sound which it probably did had the movie been shot underwater. I just could never get into it although the movie did meander into undersea expeditions.

Telekinis was next from Seattle. Band consisted of 4 members; the lead was also the drummer who sang while keeping the pace. They were ok...but I noticed I kept looking at watch wondering what time I was going to be able to get to bed.

Finally Say Hi began their set around 11p. My mood was a bit tempered and I was thinking of bailing but I stuck it out. The crowd must have had the same thoughts as me because about 15 people were leftover. I would think Say Hi would want to go on a little earlier while the crowd was thick in the hopes people would buy their merch afterwards. But what do I know.

The lead made the announcement that they were going to play their entire new cd before launching into a few old favorites. Sounded good. But as their set wore on it just didn't sound like what I heard on disc. Their sound was decent but the execution just didn't work. They didn't have all the synth sound you hear on record and I just could never get into it. They did have good stage presence as the lead was totally thanking the crowd for coming out on a 'school night' and the other 2 members appeared to be enjoying themselves. The evening finally ended around 11:45p and I quickly left wishing I had gone to BJM the night before.