Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Record Store Day - Post-Gazette

Very good article today in the post-gazette by Scott Mervis on the state of local record stores and how they are dealing with sales. Saturday is 'record store day' so many are having promotional giveaways plus in-store appearances.

Viva vinyl!

Paul, owner of Paul cd's gave this insight:

"We had to make some decisions last fall, like not paying cash for used CDs, just doing trade. And we're not ordering lots of quantities on stuff. We're keeping it close. Instead of 20 copies, we're ordering 10. So we're cutting it closer to the bone, but I don't anticipate going anywhere unless the economy totally tanks."

Just speaking of which, I went out to purchase the new Metric cd (released yesterday) at Paul's and Edie's but neither had it.

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