Monday, April 13, 2009

Live Show Review Margot and the Nuclear So & So's + Cloud Cult - 4/12/09 Mr Smalls

We showed up at Mr Smalls right as Margot was taking the stage. There was about 200-250 in attendance; not a bad crowd considering it was Easter Sunday. I have gushed about Margot in concert before so I won't do too much of that here. The set was mainly based off their new double album Animal and Not Animal. They did throw in some old stuff as well such as 'Skeleton Key'. The lead singer sounded a bit inebriated as he spoke to the crowd several times throughout their set. He was asking everyone to produce a little energy to carry them through. I imagine most were there to see Cloud Cult as you could hear conversations when Margot was playing their lighter songs. I think it perturbed the lead a bit and he made a few comments although the other 7 members of the band didn't seem to have any issues. Margot ended up playing for 45 minutes where I was hoping they would go an hour. It wasn't my favorite show of theirs (I have seen them 4 times now), but it was solid. I feel they do better in a more intimate setting.

Next up was Cloud Cult which started about 15 minutes after Margot's set. They are from Minneapolis and have a bit of a 'cult' following from what I understand. The lead stated that they were happy to be there as this was the second time in Pgh. I really couldn't get into what I heard on disc from this band, but their live show really brought it home for me. They have both a cellist and violinist that blend their sultry songs. I have to say they were putting on an even better performance than Margot did. The lead was wearing some funky eye mask on his head (not sure what that was all about see pic). The only downside for me was a guy who was creating a painting on stage. There was definitely an outline already on the canvas before, so it was more of paint by numbers thing. They told the audience they would be auctioning it off after the show (which they evidently do for each performance). I am curious how much they actually got for it.