Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Coachella Festival - 2009

For the past 5 years I have been taking an annual pilgrimage to the Coachella Music Festival located in Indio, CA (or the hottest place on earth). Usually I would fly out tomorrow, attend the (now) 3 day fest, then visit one of the local spots (LA, SF, etc) for an extended stay. This year I will be unable to attend due to limited vacation time. My better half, however, will be attending and has agreed to provide ample details on the highs and lows this year (although she will be not attend Friday).

I will definitely miss the In-n-Out burgers (best fast food hamburger ever) along with the 24 hour Mexican truck stop diner next to the illustrious Motel 6. But sacrifices do have to be made. For anyone who as ever been knows its not a sticky dry heat like Florida, but when tempatures get over 100 its not the most desirable place either.