Thursday, April 2, 2009

Blind Pilot - 4/1/09 - Club Cafe - Show Review

I was a bit tired from Say Hi the night before but had been really looking forward to Blind Pilot since they were announced (plus I loved that it was an early show). First up was The Incline from Pgh. They were a brother duo with a drummer playing light pop lovesick melodies. Not too bad but nothing to grab you.

Next was The Slant, another local band from Pgh. Let me just say I have never really seen a local act where I was just blown away. But these guys did just that. I don't know if anyone ever saw the tv series 'Freaks and Geeks' but these guys looked like the peeps from the show but all grown up. Seriously, these guys brought it and were really, really good. They were a bit psychedelic with the classic rock vibe and just owned the stage. Every song was had its own crazy coda where the band members would launch into an ending that enthused the crowd. I cannot say enough of these guys...never heard of them nor seen them at any other show but I am definitely going to seek them out.

9:30p (awesome) up came Blind Pilot from Portland. By this time Club Cafe was packed to the point where it was standing room only. Great atmosphere in an intimate setting. Blind Pilot had a stand up bassist, lead guitar, full xylophone, drummer, horns and keyboardist and ukulele. The members were all warm and pleasant mixing banter with their material. They even made the comment (paraphrasing) 'We heard Pittsburgh wasn't that nice' which brought on some jeers, but we took it with a grain of salt. They played their folk, indie pop melodies with much gusto and were quite enjoyable. The only downside is that they were really soft and some of the patrons could be heard over the vocals (which brought wicked stares and 'shhhhs' to no avail). The band finished with a cover of my favorite Talking Heads song 'Road to Nowhere' which just put a big smile on my face.

A very, very good show with the inclusion of The Slant (please listen to them at this link slant).


  1. Hey, the Slant's playing a show at the Thunderbird Cafe in Lawrenceville March 25th 2010. Come by, I'm sure they'd love to do an interview. 9pm $5