Saturday, March 7, 2009

Upcoming Shows on the Calendar

So, these are shows that I are on my radar...not sure I will be able to attend all. **= definite
3/13 - Bad Flirt - Brillobox (sounds like a young Metric, up and coming Canucks)

3/15 - Clem Snide - Club Cafe (lead singer played solo at CC a year or two ago and was absolutely hystercial...very entertaing)

3/17 - Morrissey - Carnegie Hall - (great venue; hopefully he doesn't cancel)**

3/28 - AC Newman - Warhol (good venue...not as into this album as his previous)

3/30 - Brian Jonestown Massacre - Rex Theatre (I remember they were supposed to come to Smalls when I first moved here but cancelled; loved Dig!)

3/31 - Handsome Furs - Brillobox (lead from Wolf Parade with his wife; not sure about this show because Brillobox usually doesn't start the headliner until very late and I have to work in the morning)

4/1 - Blind Pilot - Club Cafe (good indie pop from Portland; wrote about them before plus its an early show)
Cotton Jones - Thunderbird Cafe (wanted to add these guys, 91.3 has been playing them of late and I really like what I hear, will probably go with Blind Pilot though)

4/7 - Andrew Bird - Carnegie (seen him many times, as I said in an earlier post won't be seeing him this time)

4/11 - Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - Brillobox - (listened to there new cd, not liking it that much)

4/16 - Calvin Johnson - The Nerve Art and Performance Space (never have heard of this venue, but do enjoy some CJ)

4/19 - Headlights - Brillobox (great indie pop, 2 good albums)**

5/2 - Toad the Wet Sprocket - Carnegie Homestead (nostalgia)

5/8 - The Dears - Diesel - (canadian rockers)**

5/11 - Tv On the Radio - Mr Smalls


  1. See you at Brian Jonestown Massacre (if you go). I think all the bloggers are gonna check this one out! I saw them at Lollapalooza in 2005 (right after Dig came out) and they played a pretty good set..only one mild freakout. Hes older and less nuts now. I think