Saturday, March 14, 2009

TOVTR Tickets

I broke down today and purchased TVOTR tickets for $28 each. Picked them up from Paul's in Bloomfield without the surcharges. So, I will be there...funny thing is a lot of people have yet to purchase tickets and talking with Paul he couldn't believe that they priced them so high. He had only sold 2 others. We'll see if they sellout. I am going with the opinion of Roberto that the opener is worth $15 on their own. I have heard of the Dirty Projectors but never have listened to them.

Didn't make it to Brillobox Friday night...I have been sick the last few days. Not sure I will be able to get out to see Clem Snide tomorrow night. Been laying in bed most of the day.


  1. It seems that Dirty Projectors have been pulled from the line-up. I could be wrong though.