Sunday, March 1, 2009

TOVTR - Mr Smalls - Ticket Price

So, I realize this will come off as a bit whiny, bitchy..... I went to purchase tickets for the TV on the Radio show today....and with service charges, the ticket price was $34.20. This is $6.20 over the listed price of $28.

I realize I have paid prices over this (ween for instance), but to see a show where the band only plays one hour and their is no listed headliner to add to the bill...I am on the fence. I have seen TVOTR 3 times now...and have enjoyed each one. They really don't do anything to blow me away (the bassist always has his back to the crowd)...but they are very solid and their albums are usually in my annual top 10. I will end up probably biting the bullet but would love to hear what anyone else thinks.


  1. Wow, I would've expected the service charge to be way more. I'm used to $11 shows at Club Cafe that have $7 Ticketmaster surcharges, which is insane.

    Most Mr. Small's shows are for sale at Dave's Music Mine for only a $1 service charge. I would try that.

  2. Well, it was through I knew the charges wouldn't be in the ticketmaster range...I believe I paid double that for my Morrissey ticket (surcharge). I guess I am just surprised at the cost of the ticket itself. I am probably just being a complainer.

  3. The opener is Dirty Projectors, which might be worth a $10-$15 ticket by themselves in my book, so overall not a bad deal.

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