Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Show Announcement - Say Hi- Garfield - 3.31.09

I try to listen to artists for upcoming shows as I see them posted on various sites. Say Hi is one of those that took me by surprise that I wouldn't mind seeing. They are on the Barsuk Label (former DCFC, Rilo Kiley, Menomena, John Vanderslice). Listen to them here:
I just got around listening to 'Say Hi' yesterday and more today and really, really like what I hear. The only rub is that this is also the same night as Handsome Furs (Brillobox). Also, it is 3 nights of consecutive good shows which I wish were more spreadout (I guess everyone is dropping by from SXSW).
I am going to try and make it out at least 2 of the 3 nights (Monday, BJM at the Rex) (Tues., Handsom Furs or Say Hi) (Wed, Blind Pilot or Cotton Jones). Not sure what I am going to do...I guess its nice to have choices in Pgh which rarely happens.


  1. I will be at A.C. Newman and Meeting Of Important People on Friday.
    BJM on Monday.
    Say Hi on Tuesday.
    I would REALLY like to go to Blind Pilot but with that many shows in a row AND my old lady's b-day on the 1st I would rather not be divorced.
    You must introduce yourself.


  2. I have to work Sat so Newman is out for me (plus, I just couldn't get into the new album). I would really like to see all 3, but I don't think my body could take it. I am probably going to pick the 2 earliest start times and go with that.

  3. I am actually going to bail early on Newman to hit MIOP without getting shut out. I am extremely jazzed to FINALLY see The Broken West!!!!
    I am 41 years old dammit. If I can hit three shows on almost as many days you can too...