Sunday, March 22, 2009

Show Announcement - Cursive - Diesel - 5.5.09

This is probably one of my guilty pleasure bands that I feel doesn't give the recognition they deserve. I have seen Cursive many times...they are usually lumped into that emo, punk whatever group that kids like. You can definitely see that. But to me the albums are much more mature and encompassing than a simple 'punk' label. I believe most of the band is in their early 30's.

They are coming to Diesel on May 5th. I saw them last time at Mr Smalls a couple of years ago which was sold out. I am a bit surprised that Diesel is putting on the show since they tend to attract a more adult crowd, plus the place is a lot nicer than Mr Smalls with the couches, private rooms, bathroom attendants, etc. I imagine the downstairs, as small as it is, will be brimming with pre-teen angst. Could get interesting since they usually only allow drinking upstairs.