Thursday, March 26, 2009

Show Announcement - Bad Brains - 31st Street Pub - 4.10.09

Watching Pitt get beat by Xavier so I started surfing the net. Checking on Pollstar and I see Bad Brains is coming to 31st Street Pub. The seminal D.I.Y. band that helped lauch Fugazi, Black Flag, Beastie Boys, etc. came out with a new album a year ago....I haven't listened to them in forever. I watched a documentary that focused on Bad Brains (I forget what it was called) which was really good over a year ago. It was eye opening to the DC scene back in the early 80's and how they brought that same D.I.Y. attitude to NYC before going all Rastafari.

I have never been to 31st Street Pub so I have no idea what its like inside or to see a show. Been by it everyday but just haven't had the pleasure.


  1. fyi I did some further googling and it appears the band Bad Brains is not appearing - just HR, the singer. That's a let down!

  2. jeez...I just looked it up and you are right...disappointing.