Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Morrissey Concert Review - Carnegie Hall

A very diverse crowd was on hand to see Morrissey's live act roll into pgh. We showed up just in time to see the opener Red Cortez a 4 piece from LA. They were a solid act that appeared to please the half full crowd (although I never saw anyone buy the $35 shirt or $15 cd), but did little for me. Maybe it was because I am still under the weather, but their spastic set came off as being a bit cliche and forgettable.

Morrissey was up next and started out with Charming Man...the crowd was definitely into it. Many of the crowd members were singing every word while the people up front were trying to touch him the entire time. A total of 6 stage jumpers latched on to Morrissey at some point in the evening...the first one (after being removed by security) prompted Morrissey to take off his shirt and throw it to the crowd to the delight of his many fans. Something about seeing a 50 year old's shaved torso threw the crowd into shrills while chills into me.

I have never seen or heard about Morrissey in concert. It is a very different experience. I was expecting a bunch of old cronies as his backing band; instead his band consisted of 20 something males all with the same jeans, shirt (shamrock) and haircut. I am not sure if there was some underlying statement in that. He whipped around his microphone wire a lot while dancing about the stage. His set included a few Smiths songs which I enjoyed...and his voice and tone were both done justice by the acoustics. He spoke to the crowd many times in between songs and appeared to be enjoying himself.

All in all, I am not sure I would shell out $55 to see him again for about 1.20 hours, but it was good to hear him cover a few Smiths tunes, one of my favorite bands back in the day.


  1. cool, i've been waiting for someone to post a review of this show!