Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Anecdote on First Pgh Show - Plus Show Announcement - Ted Leo + Pharmicists 6.16.09 - Diesel

Ted Leo and the Pharmicists will be playing a show at Diesel in June (he cancelled a show this past year). I still am a fan...but really think he hit his peak with Hearts of Oak.

Wanted to add a little blurb though...I moved here a little over 3 years ago and Ted Leo was one of the first shows I went to see in Pgh at Mr Smalls. It was a bit of an awakening to what a Pittsburgh crowd is like.

I got there for the opening act (I cannot remember the name) and was thoroughly impressed with the venue and sound. But when the band started going into their second song, some crowd members began heckling them. I thought it was just some drunken tom-foolery. However, after they were done with their third song, several crowd members joined in and began badgering the band as well...truly this band was pretty awful. Then during the next 2 songs a member of the band and one of the hecklers began shouting and using hand gestures during the tune. I was getting a kick out of it...and the band kept trucking through even though everyone was talking over their banter and music. Finally, the band announced that this would be their last song and thanks for coming...over half the audience began clapping and cheering that it was their last song. The band then announced they would be playing more which of course was met with jeers...but luckily that was it.

This was a much younger crowd then most of the shows I attend, but I have seen this type of behavior at several other shows. Pittsburghers just show how they truly feel probably a bit more than bands are used to. Definitely a tough crowd.


  1. Try seeing anything (show, sporting event) in Philly. Those are the meanest fans ever!!