Friday, March 27, 2009

Week in Review - Showtimes for Coming Week 3/30-4/1

Ok...I believe I have confirmed/verified the set times for this upcoming week and just wanted to share them with whoever is deciding between bands:

Monday, 3/30

Rex Theater
8p - The Flavor Crystals
9p - Brian Jonestown Massacre

Tues, 3/31

Garfield Artworks
9:30p - Telekinesis
10:30p - Say Hi

10p - The Cinnamon Band
11p - Handsome Furs

Wed, 4/1
Club Cafe
8p - The Incline
8:45p - The Slant
9:20p - Blind Pilot

Thunderbird Cafe
8p - These United States
9p - Cotton Jones

Show Announcement - Camera Obscura - Mr Smalls - 6.30.09

Just was looking on the WYEP concert calendar and saw they are sponsoring Camera Obscura at Mr Smalls. Awesome, awesome. I have been wanting to see this band forever. They are Scottish from Glasgow I believe. Good indie pop using multi instruments...kind of in that Belle and Sebastian vein mixed with some Delgados (plus they are a bit older). They always hit the big markets when they come through the US...never have seen them hit the smaller ones. Should be a great show.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Show Announcement - Bad Brains - 31st Street Pub - 4.10.09

Watching Pitt get beat by Xavier so I started surfing the net. Checking on Pollstar and I see Bad Brains is coming to 31st Street Pub. The seminal D.I.Y. band that helped lauch Fugazi, Black Flag, Beastie Boys, etc. came out with a new album a year ago....I haven't listened to them in forever. I watched a documentary that focused on Bad Brains (I forget what it was called) which was really good over a year ago. It was eye opening to the DC scene back in the early 80's and how they brought that same D.I.Y. attitude to NYC before going all Rastafari.

I have never been to 31st Street Pub so I have no idea what its like inside or to see a show. Been by it everyday but just haven't had the pleasure.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Show Announcement - Say Hi- Garfield - 3.31.09

I try to listen to artists for upcoming shows as I see them posted on various sites. Say Hi is one of those that took me by surprise that I wouldn't mind seeing. They are on the Barsuk Label (former DCFC, Rilo Kiley, Menomena, John Vanderslice). Listen to them here:
I just got around listening to 'Say Hi' yesterday and more today and really, really like what I hear. The only rub is that this is also the same night as Handsome Furs (Brillobox). Also, it is 3 nights of consecutive good shows which I wish were more spreadout (I guess everyone is dropping by from SXSW).
I am going to try and make it out at least 2 of the 3 nights (Monday, BJM at the Rex) (Tues., Handsom Furs or Say Hi) (Wed, Blind Pilot or Cotton Jones). Not sure what I am going to do...I guess its nice to have choices in Pgh which rarely happens.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Show Announcement - Cursive - Diesel - 5.5.09

This is probably one of my guilty pleasure bands that I feel doesn't give the recognition they deserve. I have seen Cursive many times...they are usually lumped into that emo, punk whatever group that kids like. You can definitely see that. But to me the albums are much more mature and encompassing than a simple 'punk' label. I believe most of the band is in their early 30's.

They are coming to Diesel on May 5th. I saw them last time at Mr Smalls a couple of years ago which was sold out. I am a bit surprised that Diesel is putting on the show since they tend to attract a more adult crowd, plus the place is a lot nicer than Mr Smalls with the couches, private rooms, bathroom attendants, etc. I imagine the downstairs, as small as it is, will be brimming with pre-teen angst. Could get interesting since they usually only allow drinking upstairs.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Morrissey Concert Review - Carnegie Hall

A very diverse crowd was on hand to see Morrissey's live act roll into pgh. We showed up just in time to see the opener Red Cortez a 4 piece from LA. They were a solid act that appeared to please the half full crowd (although I never saw anyone buy the $35 shirt or $15 cd), but did little for me. Maybe it was because I am still under the weather, but their spastic set came off as being a bit cliche and forgettable.

Morrissey was up next and started out with Charming Man...the crowd was definitely into it. Many of the crowd members were singing every word while the people up front were trying to touch him the entire time. A total of 6 stage jumpers latched on to Morrissey at some point in the evening...the first one (after being removed by security) prompted Morrissey to take off his shirt and throw it to the crowd to the delight of his many fans. Something about seeing a 50 year old's shaved torso threw the crowd into shrills while chills into me.

I have never seen or heard about Morrissey in concert. It is a very different experience. I was expecting a bunch of old cronies as his backing band; instead his band consisted of 20 something males all with the same jeans, shirt (shamrock) and haircut. I am not sure if there was some underlying statement in that. He whipped around his microphone wire a lot while dancing about the stage. His set included a few Smiths songs which I enjoyed...and his voice and tone were both done justice by the acoustics. He spoke to the crowd many times in between songs and appeared to be enjoying himself.

All in all, I am not sure I would shell out $55 to see him again for about 1.20 hours, but it was good to hear him cover a few Smiths tunes, one of my favorite bands back in the day.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

TOVTR Tickets

I broke down today and purchased TVOTR tickets for $28 each. Picked them up from Paul's in Bloomfield without the surcharges. So, I will be there...funny thing is a lot of people have yet to purchase tickets and talking with Paul he couldn't believe that they priced them so high. He had only sold 2 others. We'll see if they sellout. I am going with the opinion of Roberto that the opener is worth $15 on their own. I have heard of the Dirty Projectors but never have listened to them.

Didn't make it to Brillobox Friday night...I have been sick the last few days. Not sure I will be able to get out to see Clem Snide tomorrow night. Been laying in bed most of the day.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Cotton Jones Basket Ride - Pittsburgh

This band is coming to Thunderbird Cafe on 4/1...they used to be members of Page France, a band I saw here once at the Shadow Lounge. They were good the night I saw them. I guess Page France never took off like they planned, so they moved on and developed a new musical venture called Cotton Jones. The music is much more somber and do not hear a lot of the falseto sounds that you did with Page Fance.

91.3 has been play a few of their songs quite a lot. I checked out their myspace page tonight and I do enjoy the music even more than Page France (although I really think they should get rid of the female vocals). Check it out if you can:

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Upcoming Shows on the Calendar

So, these are shows that I are on my radar...not sure I will be able to attend all. **= definite
3/13 - Bad Flirt - Brillobox (sounds like a young Metric, up and coming Canucks)

3/15 - Clem Snide - Club Cafe (lead singer played solo at CC a year or two ago and was absolutely hystercial...very entertaing)

3/17 - Morrissey - Carnegie Hall - (great venue; hopefully he doesn't cancel)**

3/28 - AC Newman - Warhol (good venue...not as into this album as his previous)

3/30 - Brian Jonestown Massacre - Rex Theatre (I remember they were supposed to come to Smalls when I first moved here but cancelled; loved Dig!)

3/31 - Handsome Furs - Brillobox (lead from Wolf Parade with his wife; not sure about this show because Brillobox usually doesn't start the headliner until very late and I have to work in the morning)

4/1 - Blind Pilot - Club Cafe (good indie pop from Portland; wrote about them before plus its an early show)
Cotton Jones - Thunderbird Cafe (wanted to add these guys, 91.3 has been playing them of late and I really like what I hear, will probably go with Blind Pilot though)

4/7 - Andrew Bird - Carnegie (seen him many times, as I said in an earlier post won't be seeing him this time)

4/11 - Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin - Brillobox - (listened to there new cd, not liking it that much)

4/16 - Calvin Johnson - The Nerve Art and Performance Space (never have heard of this venue, but do enjoy some CJ)

4/19 - Headlights - Brillobox (great indie pop, 2 good albums)**

5/2 - Toad the Wet Sprocket - Carnegie Homestead (nostalgia)

5/8 - The Dears - Diesel - (canadian rockers)**

5/11 - Tv On the Radio - Mr Smalls

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Anecdote on First Pgh Show - Plus Show Announcement - Ted Leo + Pharmicists 6.16.09 - Diesel

Ted Leo and the Pharmicists will be playing a show at Diesel in June (he cancelled a show this past year). I still am a fan...but really think he hit his peak with Hearts of Oak.

Wanted to add a little blurb though...I moved here a little over 3 years ago and Ted Leo was one of the first shows I went to see in Pgh at Mr Smalls. It was a bit of an awakening to what a Pittsburgh crowd is like.

I got there for the opening act (I cannot remember the name) and was thoroughly impressed with the venue and sound. But when the band started going into their second song, some crowd members began heckling them. I thought it was just some drunken tom-foolery. However, after they were done with their third song, several crowd members joined in and began badgering the band as well...truly this band was pretty awful. Then during the next 2 songs a member of the band and one of the hecklers began shouting and using hand gestures during the tune. I was getting a kick out of it...and the band kept trucking through even though everyone was talking over their banter and music. Finally, the band announced that this would be their last song and thanks for coming...over half the audience began clapping and cheering that it was their last song. The band then announced they would be playing more which of course was met with jeers...but luckily that was it.

This was a much younger crowd then most of the shows I attend, but I have seen this type of behavior at several other shows. Pittsburghers just show how they truly feel probably a bit more than bands are used to. Definitely a tough crowd.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Not this Year - New American Music Festival

Not that this is too much of a surprise, but AE's festival will not be showing up this year. Post-Gazette article:

AMF Not Returning

I really enjoyed the festival last year, especially that it was local and you couldn't beat the price. But with AE's current sales declining this didn't come as too much of a shock. Hopefully, if this stimulus package actually works, it will come back next year.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

TOVTR - Mr Smalls - Ticket Price

So, I realize this will come off as a bit whiny, bitchy..... I went to purchase tickets for the TV on the Radio show today....and with service charges, the ticket price was $34.20. This is $6.20 over the listed price of $28.

I realize I have paid prices over this (ween for instance), but to see a show where the band only plays one hour and their is no listed headliner to add to the bill...I am on the fence. I have seen TVOTR 3 times now...and have enjoyed each one. They really don't do anything to blow me away (the bassist always has his back to the crowd)...but they are very solid and their albums are usually in my annual top 10. I will end up probably biting the bullet but would love to hear what anyone else thinks.

Show Announcement - The Dears - Diesel - 5.8.09

Great show coming to Diesel (not my favorite venue, but the sound guy is really good). Why do they have bathroom attendants?
The Candaian group, The Dears, is supporting their new album Missles. I picked this up a few months ago and it was at the top of my playlist for the next few weeks.
I saw these guys when I was at Coachella and they put on a gerat show. Great Northern is opening for them and from what I hear they are a up and coming group that should make it a better show.